"When It’s Alright" - Juun feat. Sam Smith

Because these days we post pretty much anything that involves Sam Smith. (This tune also has a bit of a ’90s La Bouche / Le Click vibe, which we’re obviously digging.) 

"Nothing You Can Say " - Lane 8 

If we compiled soundtracks for movies (and we wish we did), we’d totally hit up Lane 8 for some emotional musica. “Nothing You Can Say”, for example, could be so many things: the break-up song for the two star-crossed lovers, background music for the intimate — yet tasteful — sex scene, the traveling-on-a-train-and-looking-longfully-out-to-the-distance tune.  Again, we should totes be soundtrack makers. 

"Seasons (Waiting On You)" - Future Islands

Sam from band Future Islands officially won Coachella Weekend 1. Dude knows how to dance. 

"Wile Out" - Zinc (Vato Gonzalez Remix)

Now that we’re done re-watching seasons 1, 2, and 3 of V. Mars, we’ve been craving our daily Kristen Bell fix. Enter House of Lies, which is even wittier and sexier than we could have ever hoped for. The show also has an amaaaaze soundtrack, including today’s featured Vato Gonzalez remix. The scene: K. Bell and Don Cheadle drop acid and go dancing in an LA nightclub. #managementconsulting

"Sweet Disposition" - Temper Trap (RAC Mix)

The rain is gone, the sun is out! Everything’s comin’ up roses! What better way to enjoy Saturday than with this RAC / Temper Trap oldie (but goodie). 

"Everything We Touch" - Say Lou Lou

If Elsa and Anna from Frozen were real and indie pop artists, they would be Say Lou Lou. 

Say Hi Hi to Friday.

"Like Real People Do" - Hozier


Today, we’re in one of those “sweet” modes. And this song is “sweet.” Like, summer-days-sitting-on-porches-and-eating-cherries sweet. Or babies-dressed-as-animals sweet. Or old-people-in-love sweet. (We could spit up analogies all day.)

"Not Going Home" - Great Good Fine OK

"Not Going Home" - a tune to take your Wednesday from OK to Great.

"Seashells" - Florrie

F is for Friday, Florrie, friends, and fun.

"Stay With Me" - Sam Smith


If you thought that we would refrain from making the easy comparison between Sam Smith’s new jam and the Shakespears Sister classic, then you thought incorrectly.

Bonus viewing: our favo(u)rite X Factor performance of all time. 

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