"11(ELEVEN)" - Hitchhiker

Ladies and gentleman … Presenting the “Harlem Shake” of 2014. To quote Refinery29: “It’s like Gaspar Noé enlisted M.I.A. and avid Second Life users who create bizarre GIFs for Tumblr to make a video for his auto-tuned baby chant.”

Stay weird, folks. 

"Silly Little Things" - Shannon Saunders

Shannon Saunders: Little, perhaps. But definitely not silly. 

"Animal" - Javier Dunn (Miike Snow Cover)


SUNDAY COVERS: An oldie but goodie cover of an oldie but goodie. Introduced to us last week when we were in shavasana at the end of our yoga class (shouts to the babes from Zazen), Dunn’s take on the Miike Snow new classic “Animal” certainly rivals a physical asana in terms of its calming effects. Perfect for either a lazy or an active Sunday.

Sorry, was this post San Francisco enough for ya? 


"Birthday" - Leighton Meester

A little-known Leighton Meester demo called “Birthday.” Because, today’s one of ours.

"Ready For Your Love" - MNEK

We’ve been posting a lot of #ladysingers recently. Also, a lot of pop. Which is okay, but in an attempt to not 100% pigeonhole ourselves, here’s a little R&B from across the pond (London). THOSE PIPES. 

"One More" - Elliphant feat. MØ

Elliphant /  MØ’s “One More” is to 2014 what The Knife’s “Heartbeats” was to 2003. Right? Maybe? 

"Complètement Fou" - YELLE

YELLE. Queen of the bodysuit, queen of French pop.  Back in full force with a new single. (And hopefully some amazing new fashion as well). 

"Real Love" - Mary J. Blige


Flashback Friday, flowers. Liven up yourself. 

"Diva" - Fiona Grey


Fiona Grey: not just another diva. In fact, a pretty excellent fresh-sounding #ladysinger, with an extremely excellent first name. 

For fans of : Gwen Stefani / Shirley Manson / Courtney Love / pretty grunge music.

"Beach" - Still Parade

For when life is a bitch beach. September is always a crazy month…It has been 100% “go go go” for us here. (Too much real life, not enough blog!)

To remind us all to chill the eff out during the overwhelming and overextending, Still Parade is here to save to the day. Breathe in. Breathe out.  

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