"Don’t You Find" - Jamie T

Today we’re fighting through an inconvenient and unexpected mid-week hangover to bring you “Don’t You Find,” Jamie T’s new mellow jello of a jam.

Safe to say Jamie’s more less back “in the game” with this little ditty wouldn’t you agree?

"Don’t Tell" - Mansions On The Moon

Since we’re currently vacationing in LA (hello, Angelenos!), it felt appropriate to post this MOTM, home-cooked jam for your Monday. Now excuse us while we get back to our yoga and kale juice. 

"Glorious" - Foxes (Great Good Fine Ok Remix)

All hail Foxes, Princess of Pop and Queen of Spider Lashes.

"Pstereo" - Emilie Nicolas

Meet our latest obsession, Emilie Nicolas — a.k.a. Norwegian popstress extraordinaire. Like all our fav Scando artists, Emilie has perfected the art of electro pop … Which leave us wondering, yet again, what the eff is in the water over there? Because we want some. 

Sounds like: Robyn, Niki & The Dove, NONONO

"Drinkin’" - Holly Williams

Yesterday we drove from Fresno to LA, and our crackpot of a car insisted on exclusively tuning into the local country music radio station. As a result, we were introduced to this Holly Williams tune, which speaks to the heart real good. My god, we had forgotten how good country / folk music can be (Dixie Chicks, say what?!). Hop on board, y’all. 

"Don’t Wanna Dance" - MØ (Goldroom Remix)


Sorry, dearest readers … We took a break last week to take care of some personal ish (#crosscountrymoves) and barely had time to post new tunes (#somanyboxes). So while we catch up on all of the newest musical releases — a.k.a. the Wish I Was Here soundtrack — we bring you this Goldroom remix, which is most definitely NOT new, but has aged deliciously well since its initial release back in April.

"Go" - Grimes featuring Blood Diamonds


p.s. also blood diamonds.


"All Night Long" - Penguin Prison

Guys. It’s Thursday (throwback Thursday at that), and there are just so many reasons to love this song!! We are literally ecstatic that Penguin Prison has made his musical return. We’re also thrilled that we now have incentive to a) dig up old Lionel Richie photos from the ’80s, and b) donate to this incredible "Lionel Richie’s Head" Kickstarter, which has us 100% atingle. 

In the words of Lionel (and now PP): Raise the roof and have some fun. Let the music play on. Lose yourself in wild romance. #tbt

"Sunlight" - The Magician


If we were still into things like Ibiza summer clubs, we’d hop on to a plane to Ibiza RIGHT NOW with the sole purpose of listening to this song amidst a bunch of teens doing molly. But alas, we’re old farts (read: 27) and have not the time for these things. So instead, we’re sitting at home doing pilates exercises in front of a muted television playing HGTV re-runs … and this is our soundtrack. 

Ain’t no rabbits in hats here. This is true magic, folks.  

"Dangerous Days" - Zola Jesus


We’ve loved Nika (a.k.a. Zola Jesus) ever since she made an appearance on M83’s “Intro.” Welp, the lady is back in action and has released her first single off new album Taiga (which isn’t out until October 7th … womp womp). These are very exciting times. 

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