"Heartbeat" - Alex Winston (FEMME Cover)

Where there’s a will, there’s a Winston. 

Check the original as well - double-down Friday. 

"Papaoutai" - Stromae

For those of you who aren’t fluent French speakers like we are (jk, we had to Google Translate it too), “papaoutai” means “Dad, where are you?” The song references the absence of Stromae’s father, who died during the Rwandan genocide. So sad. 

This may be one of the most beautiful music videos we’ve seen all year. Even without the translation, the message is clear. And the choreography is something we’d hope to see on a [good] ep of So You Think You Can Dance. 

Audio below features a cameo with our favorite New York hip-hopstress Angel Haze. 

"Tension" - Vök

Some days our life feels like an episode of Girls and those days actually suck A LOT because obviously that’s the kind of thing you can’t really share with anyone because it’s basically asking for an eye roll.

We think our emotional ailments will likely be cured by writing one solid to-do list and listening to the angsty but lovely “Tension” on repeat.

And to-do lists. We know. Always the Marnie, never the Jessa.

"Leave Me Alone" - KAYTRANADA


We’ve been following KAYTRANADA ever since his remix of Azealia’s “ATM Jam” … Now, boyfriend has released a track off soon-to-be-released “So Be”; our love only grows stronger. This is real Montreal house music, folks. Someone please find our dancing shoes because we’re going OUT tonight!

"Coffee" - Sylvan Esso

Nothing like a Monday morning cup of coffee. 

"Rafael" - Beatenberg


In love. With this band. With this song. Named after the Swiss municipality Beatenberg, but based in Cape Town, South Africa. Sound like: Paul Simon, Vampire Weekend, Toto.

This tune kind of crept up on us, and now we can’t stop listening.  

"Take Me Away" - Zero 7 feat. Only Girl


When we think of Zero 7, we often think of the mellow and downtempo Zero 7 we listened to back in college. To be more specific: We listened to "In The Waiting Line" (courtesy of the Garden State soundtrack) on repeat whilst smoking marijuana chilling out. 

So it was much to our surprise to not only rediscover Zero 7, but to discover that they make bouncy music as well! Where have we been? Living under a music rock apparently. 

But here you go: “Take Me Away” featuring vocals from Only Girl. Only the chillest, disco-est way to do Monday. 

Sounds like: Cut Copy, Hot Chip (or a hybrid of the two). 

"Wonderful Everyday" - Chance The Rapper


This cover of the Arthur theme song is only the best and happiest thing we’ve ever heard. Makes sense because Arthur was only the coolest aardvark on the block and deserves the coolest cover from one of the coolest rappers of all. Happy #tbt, friends. To you we say: “Hey! What a wonderful day!” Peace, love, rainbows, unicorns, and kumbaya. 

Featuring vocals from Wyclef, Jessie Ware, Francis & The Lights + more. 

"Magnetic" - Annabel Jones


Annabel Jones (formerly the lead singer of duo Bluebell) has always been one of our absolute fav #ladysingers. Not only does she make music worthy of any pop princess, but she’s also simply a totally lovely person with the greatest sense of humor. If this is your first time hearing A-bel, then you clearly haven’t been reading our blog … We’ve unashamedly posted every single one of her releases since 2010 — including a Christmas tune entitled “You Sleigh Me” (LOL). 

Bottom line: You’re in for a treat. “Magnetic” is just as quirky, catchy, and sweet as ever. 

"Speak My Piece" - Common

It may not be the 90s anymore, but everyone should still be listening to Common, and here’s why (other than the #beardporn):

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